Static Ropes

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  • ANTIPODES 10,5MM 200M
    ANTIPODES 10,5MM 200M Very tough, this is the established standard rope for work at height. Same construction as the INDUSTRIE 10.5 mm. Breaking load:  3000 daN(kg) Certification: CE EN1891 A ANTIPODES ANT105W ANTIPODES ANT105W ANTIPODES ANT105W ..
  • AXIS 11 mm
    Versatile rope is very wear resistant Standard diameter designed for users who are not necessarily expert in rope techniques Available in three colors for easier identification of different kits Standard lengths: - 50 m: yellow/black (R74Y 050) - 50 m: black (R74N 050) - 100 m: yellow/black (R74Y 100) - 100 m: yellow/white (R74W 100) - 100 m: black (R74N 100) - 200 m: yellow/black (R74Y 200) - 200 m: black (R74N 200) • CE, EN 1891 Type A (semi-static ropes) • Strength tied with a figure eight knot: ≥ 15 kN • Strength with sewn termination: ≥ 22 kN ..
  • DYNASTAT 10,5MM 50M
    Universal rope to both - Standards EN 892 & EN 1891 Security rope which conforms to 2 standards, both the semi-static and the dynamic rope standards. It’s thus a classic semi static rope well adapted to various types of work on ropes, to rescue, and to tactical applications. In event of a very violent fall an internal Vectran ‘fuse’ will rupture, and the rope then becomes dynamic, with all the security that characterises dynamic ropes. The fuse will rupture under a force of around 3 kN. In addition, Dynastat resists a fall factor 1 drop holding 100 kg over a sharp metal edge o..
  • PARALLEL 10,5 mm
    Semi-static rope for difficult access Thin diameter minimizes weight and bulk, requires expertise in controlling a descent Flexible, for excellent handling Available in three colors for easy differentiation of working rope, lifeline, and common access Standard lengths: - 50 m: white (R77W 050) - 50 m: yellow (R77Y 050) - 50 m: black (R77N 050) - 100 m: white (R77W 100) - 100 m: yellow (R77Y 100) - 100 m: black (R77N 100) - 200 m: white (R77W 200) - 200 m: yellow (R77Y 200) - 200 m: black (R77N 200) CE, EN 1891 Type A (semi-static ropes) ..