Dynamic ropes

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  • APOLLO 11MM 45M
    DYNAMIC ROPE Dynamic ropes cushion impacts and must be used during certain procedures to absorb the energy of possible falls. Breaking load:  2300 daN(kg) Certification: CE EN892 APOLLO APO APOLLO APO APOLLO APO ..
  • DYNASTAT 10,5MM 50M
    Universal rope to both - Standards EN 892 & EN 1891 Security rope which conforms to 2 standards, both the semi-static and the dynamic rope standards. It’s thus a classic semi static rope well adapted to various types of work on ropes, to rescue, and to tactical applications. In event of a very violent fall an internal Vectran ‘fuse’ will rupture, and the rope then becomes dynamic, with all the security that characterises dynamic ropes. The fuse will rupture under a force of around 3 kN. In addition, Dynastat resists a fall factor 1 drop holding 100 kg over a sharp metal edge o..