Beal-Pro PRO WORK 60 SAC.PW60

Brand: Beal Pro
Product Code: SAC.PW60
In Stock
Price: 69.59€


Very large 60 litre capacity transport sac with wide, stiff opening Well adapted to rescue and large volume carrying requirements.
A large waterproof transparent window allows you to see the sac contents.
2 very strong carrying handles help with handling heavy loads.

- Large rigid opening.
- High Frequency welding.
- Comfortable shoulder straps and belt.
- Ergonomic padded back.
- Metal adjustment buckles.
- Inventory window.

Capacity: 60 L

- THF Welding technology:no stitching but very solid and waterproof construction with high-frequency welding.
- Suspension handle withstands over 100 kg
- Metallicadjustment buckles.
- Ultra resistant biface PVC: - 250 g/m2 for the body of the sac. - 125 g/m2 on the upper part for ease of closure.
- Outside black and inside yellow for improved visibility

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